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Tingoclic's General Conditions of Use
What is Tingoclic?
Tingoclic is a free service that helps you get vouchers for your online gaming.
How does Tingoclic work?
Tingoclic puts you in contact with Sponsor companies. These companies want you to fill in a sponsored offer: watch a video ad, fill in a survey or other online actions.
Once you complete an offer, the sponsor gives money to Tingoclic. In real-time, once you complete the offer, a number of "points", the Tingoclic currency, gets added to your account.
These points can then be redeemed in our shop for various vouchers and coupons to be used in various games.
What are Tingoclic "points"?
In your Tingoclic account, you have a number of points, it is a way to keep track of how many offers you have filled.
A user's number of points is confidential and is never shared to other members by Tingoclic.
You can exchange those points in the Tingoclic store against the game vouchers of your choice.
Do I have to pay?
Creating and owning a Tingoclic account is free and will always be. Some of the offers we propose we offer are paying: "Buy product X to get a number of points.", but you have no obligation to fill in any paying offer.
What happens when I sign up?
When sign up to Tingoclic, you need to give us a valid email address, this ensures that you are a real person. No other personnal information is collected: we do not ask for your real name or your banking information.We will send you a few notifications emails from time to time, but you can Unsubcribe at any moment, you can also cancel your Tingoclic account when logging in.
To learn more about our privacy policy click here.
Who are the sponsors?
Tingoclic works with large advertising companies to get in contact with sponsors. Their identity and offer projects are verified multiple times before being shown to Tingoclic users.
We never show any offer related to any illegal activity or pornography.
Where can I use Tingoclic?
You can use Tingoclic everywhere in the world, but many of our offers are country specific. Therefore we will have less offers in certain countries.
Can I share my account with my friend?
No, a Tingoclic account is personnal, and in general, you should be the only one using it.
This is because the offers are specific to the Tingoclic user, and this cannot be controlled with multiple users behind one account.
Can I have multiple Tingoclic accounts?
No, there is a limit of one Tingoclic account per user.
This is because the offers are specific to the Tingoclic user, and this cannot be controlled with a user having multiple accounts.
Any extra questions?
Any questions about the Tingoclic service, don't hesitate to ask at: